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Federal Procurement Procedure for Purchases $20,000 and More

Procurement User Guide

CONTRACTS - General Information

Any anticipated purchase or activity which requires a vendor agreement or contract separate from the purchase order must be approved by the Operations and Support Services Manager or designee prior to acceptance of goods or services or creation of a Purchase Order.

Contracts include but are not limited to:

  • Any document required by a vendor for the procurement of tangible goods, services, construction, etc., which requires approval signatures from RISD for any/all sites or programs. Examples include yearbooks, book fairs, fundraisers, etc.,
  • Any contract related to the procurement of professional services to be performed by persons that are not employees of the district. Examples include but are not limited to consultants, ancillary services, nurse practitioners, training services, etc. The maximum amount payable to any contracted service provider is $19,999 within a fiscal year without a formal bid.

Under $20,000 for fiscal school year

  1. Do a contract for non professional vendors.
  2. Complete a "W-9" form and bring it with Proof of Insurance to the Business Office.
  3. Business Office will enter vendor information into vendor file.
  4. The originating department will enter a requisition into Visions. The requisition will be sent through the approval process and will be ultimately approved or denied. The originator will provide the vendor with a vendor copy of the Purchase Order if the PO is approved.
  5. THE VENDOR CANNOT START WORK UNTIL THIS PROCESS IS COMPLETE! Any work done prior to issuing the Purchase Order will not be paid.

* If it is determined that the vendor is providing Professional Services and will earn under $20,000 in the fiscal school year July 1 through June 30 then see Procedures for Independent Contractors Providing Professional Services.

NM State Statute 13-1-76. Definition professional services.
"Professional services" means the services of architects, archeologist, engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, medical arts practitioners, scientists, management and systems analysts, certified public accountants, registered public accountants, lawyers, psychologists, planners, researchers, construction managers and other persons or businesses providing similar professional services, which may be designated as such by a determination issued by the state purchasing agent or a central purchasing office.

* If it is determined that the vendor will earn an excess of $20,000 and is not providing professional services in the fiscal school year July 1 through June 30 then the position has to be publicly bid.

  • Contact the Purchasing Specialist in the Business Office for the Bid requirements.