Physical Information

The New Mexico Activities Association Handbook states in Section 6.15 The student must be physically fit.  This fitness must be based on a physical examination of the Student occurring on or after April 1 of the previous school year and must be verified in writing by a licensed medical/osteopathic physician/physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner to the extent authorized by their practice act and licensing authority.  The physical is considered valid through the following school year.  A Student must have a current physical on file for any participation outside of the school day (pre-season, in-season, off-season, summer).  The certificate of examination must be of file in the member school office.  By State Education Agency regulations, SBE Regulation No. 95-11, Section IV. A., a Student fitness may be verified in writing by a “licensed chiropractic physician to the extent authorized by their practice act and licensing authority.”

Necessary forms are available on line through the following link:

  2024.2025 Physical Packet.pdf

La Casa Medical Consent Form

    The athlete must not be allowed to participate in a game or a practice until a completed physical form is handed to the head coach and submitted to the appropriate school athletic coordinator.

    Student Athletes are required to log on to the National Federation of High School learning center and enroll in “Concussion for Students” Students who successfully complete the course must submit a certificate of completion to the coach and the school athletic coordinator.