Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

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Business Ofc - Payroll Administrator - 2-8-2022.pdf

Federal Prog. - Safe School Liaison

Federal Prog. - Substance Abuse Prevention and Family Engagement Liaison

Inst. - Social Worker.pdf

MS - Assistant Principal-Administrator for Middle Schools.pdf

MS - Middle School Secretary.pdf

MS - Middle School Teacher Department Chairperson.pdf

MS - Principal-Administrator for Middle Schools.pdf

SPED - Administrative Secretary to Director for Special Services.pdf

SPED - Apprentice in Speech-Language Pathology (ASL).pdf

SPED - Behavior Intervention Specialist.pdf

SPED - Bookkeeper - IDEA.pdf

SPED - Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA).pdf

SPED - Child Find Secretary.pdf

SPED - Clerical Transition Asst. to Coordinator and Director of SPED.pdf

SPED - Data Entry - Special Services.pdf

SPED - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Educational Assistant.pdf

SPED - Deaf and Hearing Impairment Teacher.pdf

SPED - Director of Special Services.pdf

SPED - Early Childhood Coordinator.pdf

SPED - Educational Assistant Low Incidence Classrooms (Autism-ED-BD-Life).pdf

SPED - Educational Diagnostician.pdf

SPED - Gifted Coordinator.pdf

SPED - IEP Clerical - High School.pdf

SPED - IEP Specialist.pdf

SPED - Information Specialist.pdf

SPED - Interpreter for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired Students.pdf

SPED - K-8 School Counselor.pdf

SPED - Medicaid Program Specialist.pdf

SPED - Professional Medical Specialist.pdf

SPED - Occupational Therapist.pdf

SPED - Orientation and Mobility Specialist.pdf

SPED - Physical Therapist Assistant.pdf

SPED - Physical Therapist.pdf

SPED - Pre-Kindergarten Associate.pdf

SPED - School Nurse.pdf

SPED - Records - Special Education.pdf

SPED - School Psychologist.pdf

SPED - Social Worker.pdf

SPED - Special Education Educational Assistant.pdf

SPED - Special Education Educational-Transition Assistant.pdf

SPED - Special Education One-on-One Assistant.pdf

SPED - Special Education Teacher.pdf

SPED - Speech-Language Pathologist.pdf

SPED - Subsitute School Nurse.pdf

SPED-Transition Job Coach 7.18.23.pdf

Supp. Serv. - Construction Coordinator.pdf

Supp. Serv. - Coordinator for Support Services and Transportation.pdf

Supp. Serv. - Support Serv. & Transportation Administrative Assistant.pdf

Supt. - Executive Assistant to the Superintendent.pdf

Supt. - Superintendent.pdf