Clever is a Single Sign-On product used to bring all the links to the programs a student needs into one dashboard.  Teachers are able to add additional resources for their classes and send some notifications out.  Families are also able to login and assist their children with logging in.

The Clever login page is

Which login method should you choose?
  • Log in with LDAP can be used, but is generally the "old" way.  If Google doesn't work for you, please use this option.  On shared computers, this is a good option as logging out is cleaner.
  • Log in with Google should be used in most cases.  This sets you up to single click into any of the Google applications also.  If you've logged into a Chromebook, this is the one it did for you.
  • Badges can be used with the help of a parent, or the sheet/card you receive from your teacher at Parkview.
Don't know your password?  You have a couple options to find it out.
  • Talk to a teacher, they can look it up
  • Start of school info sheets

Clever Login Page