Staff Only

This page contains internal links used by Teachers and Staff, maybe even Students and Parents.  They require logins and passwords, and are not really intended for the general Public.  All hackers, please go away.

Adobe, full suite available to faculty/staff/students as of 10/2022, flier .  The State will discontinue this in August '24, but a migration path will be provided if you use the product(s).

Clever, SSO for many programs for Teachers, students, and some Administrators

Directory, used for internal phone numbers and departments

Educator's Handbook, allows educators to report student incidents

Email - Office 365, used for Email, personal and group Calendars, SharePoint

Frontline, used for Absence recording by everyone, and certified teacher evaluation platform.

MySchoolBuilding, used by any Staff to enter an IT job request

Password Checker, try out your best password, don't use any that take less than a million years to guess

Parent/Student Power School, used to check student grades

PowerSchool Teacher, used to enter grades, check on enrollments, run reports

SafeSchools training, All Staff are required to take some of these online training sessions