Teacher Initiated Messaging

What is the SchoolMessenger app?

The SchoolMessenger app combines recent robocalls with direct messaging between teachers and parents/guardians in one app.  Parents cannot see or chat with any other parents.  Students do not have access to this system.

SchoolMessenger app from SchoolMessenger on Vimeo.  Some screenshots of getting started are also available here.

Where can I download the mobile app?

 The correct app is the blue SchoolMessenger app in your Play/iOS store.

PlayPlay Store

iOS iOS Store

This app requires an email/password to be setup.  This email must match the record(s) in PowerSchool to align the data.

Are the web app features the same as the mobile app?

Yes. For those who prefer to use a website instead of a mobile app the SchoolMessenger app's functions will be available online at https://go.schoolmessenger.com.

What are some of the main capabilities of the new teacher-initiated messaging?

Capabilities include both individual and group (e.g., classes, sports teams, clubs) two-way messaging; the ability for teachers and families to exchange files, images, an videos; and the ability for you to review all notifications and messages related to your schools and the district in a single "stream" view.

How does my student's teacher connect to me through the app?

You are automatically connected to your student's teachers through the app. Coaches, or club sponsors may send out invitations with a class code, which then allows you to be tied to a specific group.

Parents, if you've installed the app and it doesn't show one or more of your children, please contact the school and update your student's contact info to use the email address you setup the app with.  Or setup the app with the correct email, if you use more than one.  This parent center has a little more info about SchoolMessenger.

Teachers, use the Teacher guide and/or review with someone that has been trained.  Your school email should tie to all your courses correctly.  As the parent/guardians join the app, you will see icons change from grayed out to colored signifying the student now has valid contact(s).  Classes are "Groups".  Enrollment updates happen nightly.