Guidelines and Hints

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1. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the Teacher Center.

2. The Teacher Center is for the use of RISD instruction, activities, and administration only.  It is not open to the public, outside organizations or other districts.  In addition, it cannot be utilized for personal use.

3.  All materials and supplies in the Teacher Center must be used in the Teacher Center.  Unused supplies or materials my  not be taken out to use at a later time.

4.  Materials and supplies are free only for student instruction in a RISD classroom.  All materials and supplies used for activities or administration must be paid for. 

5.  All color copies, prints, and poster prints must be paid for.  Keep track of what you print and inform Teacher Center staff before you leave.

6.  You must have a four digit copy code to use the copy machines.  You can obtain this number from your school principal.

7.  Copyright laws must be followed.  

8.  All equipment will be turned off 15 minutes before closing.

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Computer guidelines

1.  Computers in the Teacher Center are for RISD use only.  Personal use of any kind is prohibited.

2.  All prints made that are not directly related to classroom instruction must be paid for.  This includes time sheets and emails.  It also includes prints made for extracurricular activities and organizations, as well as student memory books and pictures.

3.  It is prohibited to install any programs on the Teacher Center computers.

4.  If you are making classroom sets of materials, print only one original and make copies on the copy machines.

5.  The computers utilize "Deep Freeze."  If you wish to save your work, you must provide your own flash drive.  Files saved on computers will be deleted at the end of each day.

6.  Be respectful of copyrighted materials obtained from online sellers.

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Helpful Hints Tag

As with many new things, the Teacher Center can be overwhelming.  Here are some hints that might help you as you get adjusted to the Teacher Center environment.

  Do not be afraid to ask questions or ask for help.  Teacher Center staff is available to help you with any questions you may have.  Other teachers in the Center are also a wealth of information and are always willing to help.

  Before you start a big project, ask for advice.  There might be an easier way to do things that you are not aware of.

  If there is something you need but you do not see or if you run out of a particular supply, ask for more.  The Teacher Center may have more of what you need.

  Make sure you have your school copy code before you try to make copies.  If your principal is unavailable to give it to you, you can try getting it from another teacher in your building.

  The Teacher Center can only accept cash or check for payment and it does not keep change on hand.  If you make color copies or posters and are not able to pay for them at the time, ask about starting a charge account.

  Some schools have accounts with the Teacher Center that allow you to charge your items to the school.  Talk with your principal to see if your school has a Teacher Center account.

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